Active Learning in the Field

At PR PASS Workshop we see the field as our classroom. We believe in designing unique learning opportunities that make learning meaningful and productive. Students have the opportunity put theories to the test, have a mentor and improve skills at the same time we advance research and good works. Some of the opportunities we offer from time to time are listed below:

  • Guided tours and walking conferences
  • Conferences on applied social sciences
  • Internship opportunities in nonprofits
  • Ethnographic research

If you are a student interested in finding out more or being considered for PR PASS Workshops varied learning opportunities, click here.

If you would like PR PASS Workshop to add educational value to an event that is taking place or create a hands on learning opportunity, feel free to contact us.
Our social scientists, humanists, and artists are all eagerly waiting to collaborate with you in making learning outside the classroom meaningful and, even, fun!



PR PASS Workshop

Your PASSport to Lifelong Learning

Contact us for
  • Public Social Sciences Research
  • Applied Research - Program Evaluations - Online Data Tools & Warehousing
  • Social Sciences Multimedia Communication Strategies
  • Internships-Fieldwork Experiences-Creative collaborations

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