At the Puerto Rico Public and Applied Social Sciences Workshop (PR PASS Workshop) we are committed to ensuring technology, technical and scientific services are within the reach of non-profits and entities that provide a public service. We know that the impact of an isolated donation will be limited if it is not accompanied with a holistic approach to institutional capacity building as a necessary step of technology transfer. Every step of the way, within every program, we address creating tailored curriculum with hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities, mentoring and linkages between the non-profits we help, students and the general public. Contact us and discover how you can be a part of building and communicating the stories that shape Puerto Rico 4.0!

PR PASS Workshop

Your PASSport to Lifelong Learning

Contact us for
  • Public Social Sciences Research
  • Applied Research - Program Evaluations - Online Data Tools & Warehousing
  • Social Sciences Multimedia Communication Strategies
  • Internships-Fieldwork Experiences-Creative collaborations

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