Public and Applied Social Sciences Program

Insights from the Field

PR PASS Workshop bring together social scientists to leverage theory and practice to help non-profits develop resilient operations at the same time they grow their social impact. We can provide:

  • Capacity Building - learning opportunities on a variety of subjects from responsible technology integration, socially responsive communications across platforms, to changing best practices in social outreach, just to name a few.
  • Public Policy Impact Research:  Our experts use mixed methodology to highlight gaps in understanding, oversights, and bring data to life through ethnographic accounts.
  • Participatory Research: Your team, your community can embark with social scientists on a journey to better understand problems and explore solutions.
  • Program Evaluation
  • Map community resources and eco-system interactions
  • Document local knowledge and experiences
  • Multi-modal communication strategies

Think out of the box! Request a meeting with us and let our experts help your organization grow their mark!

PR PASS Workshop

Your PASSport to Lifelong Learning

Contact us for
  • Public Social Sciences Research
  • Applied Research - Program Evaluations - Online Data Tools & Warehousing
  • Social Sciences Multimedia Communication Strategies
  • Internships-Fieldwork Experiences-Creative collaborations

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