A transdisciplinary investigation on the distribution of emergency and recovery funds and their impact on poverty and health.


  • Economist, Dr. Antonio Fernós Sagebien, associate professor, Interamerican University
  • Anthropologist, Dr. Laura Gorbea, Puerto Rico Public and Applied Social Sciences Workshop
  • Public Health Specialist, Dr. Alison Chopel

Discussion Panel

  • Lic. José Baquero, FEMA
  • Eng. Manuel Laboy, COR 3
  • Dr. José Castro, Senate Health Commission
  • Dr. Linda Colón, sociologist
  • Idamis de Jesús, Senior Emergency Management Specialist for COVID-19 for the Caribbean
  • Orlando Pagán, liaison to the Resident Commissioner

It will be broadcast live on the internet and questions will be requested for use in the roundtable.

List of shared presentations:

Presentation of Findings and Recommendations by Fernós, Gorbea, and Chopel

Final report of the study by Fernós, Gorbea, and Chopel, 2021