Turning RAPID Research into Preparedness and Mitigation Policies

The Puerto Rico Public and Applied Social Sciences Workshop (PR PASS Workshop, hereforth) provided fieldwork, analysis and dissemination support to a transdisciplinary research project led by economist, Dr. Antonio Fernós Sagebien, anthropologist, Dr. Laura Gorbea Díaz and public health researcher, Dr. Alison Chopel. This RAPID research project was made possible by the Natural Hazards Center during a special call for proposals that recognized that "While there has been increased attention to the challenges facing the U.S.

Collaborative Evaluation and Learning at Habitat for Humanity

Impact Study Steering Committee selection process during Community Workshop

In the aftermanth of Hurricanes Irma and María, Habitat for Humanity, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing access to safe homes, with the support of donors, developed a five year plan to help rebuild hope and housing among families and communities most impacted by the disaster.  Aware of the changing landscape of emergency, disaster response and recovery, Habitat for Humanity incorporated into its Puerto Rico Recovery Program an area of action dedicated to Monitoring,  Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL).  In November 2020, the Puerto Rico Public and App

Participating in the Recovery: New Shelter and Housing Opportunities

We are excited to announce that Hogar de Ayuda El Refugio, a Puerto Rico based nonprofit that provides temporary residence and health services to women and children, has just been awarded $2.5 million dollars by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  These funds are part of the Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery that had been allocated to Puerto Rico.  The funds were made available through a competitive grant process managed by the Social Interest Housing Program.

Fieldwork Support Explores the Organizational Ecologies of Recovery

The Puerto Rico Public and Applied Social Sciences Workshop (PR PASS Workshop) is providing fieldwork support services to a research project that is exploring how changes in organizational ecology after the 2017 hurricanes in Puerto Rico impacted the relationships between hazard damages, poverty, and population ability to prepare for public health events.  The research, "Organizational Ecologies of Recovery: Relationships with Poverty and Health in Puerto Rico"  is led by Dr. Antonio Fernós Sagebien, economist at Inter American University, Metro Campus in Puerto Rico; Dr.

Digital Transformation at Hogar Cuna San Cristobal

For more than two decades, Hogar Cuna San Cristobal has been providing temporary shelter to young children. In 2019, the Hogar participated in PR PASS Workshop's ImpulsoTec program which awarded it a year long technology incentive. During the time of the award, Hogar Cuna San Cristobal's goal was to advance their digital transformation by digitizing the record keeping of daily service operations.

Building Resilience and Knowledge at La Fondita de Jesús

Ever wonder what percentage of population suffers from chronic homelessness? La Fondita de Jesús, knows. Did you know that permanent supportive housing has been proven nationwide to reduce the use of expensive emergency care and may even be a budget neutral, social good? Research on this topic would be of great bearing to Puerto Rico as budgets are being scrutinized. In any such research, La Fondita de Jesús would be a key source of information.

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