¿Ever get a gift you never got around to use? ¿A gym membership, to which you never have time to go? ¿A new device or gadget that seemed promising but you forgot how to use it or can't seem integrate into your routine? Similarly, donating a computer or a software program, for example, may hold the potential of great change, but on its own lacks the ability to generate change. Introduction of new technologies requires trained users. But even after a training session, everyday challenges and pressures often get in the way of implementing the change envisioned. At PR PASS Workshop we seek to address the reality on the ground, where gifts and donations need follow-up to reach their full potential. So we got together to work on a new way to express our solidarity and support to the organizations providing direct services.

A New Way to Give: Collaborative Projects and Capacity Building

PR PASS Workshop brings together a team of experts, volunteers, and students interns to work with non-profit organizations over a period of time. New technologies come with training sessions and ongoing assistance that gives organizations time to grow. We are there to see the challenges they face and help navigate them. Depending on the project, our resources might help with writing, data entry, process automation, proposals, reports, fundraising and communication with stakeholders. Working collaboratively and embedded with the entities we serve is key to helping them overcome the initial limitations of human resources that have been stretched to the maximum in challenging endeavors. When donors give to PR PASS Workshop, they have the option of choosing the project they want to advance or giving to the general fund making sure our ongoing efforts to document and disseminate the knowledge and good news continues.