The Technology Program at PR PASS Workshop is committed to the responsible integration of new technology solutions into the everyday operations of non-profits as well as entities that provide a publice service. Our technology services include:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Technology Capacity Building: Education solutions that address the needs and opportunities of the various stakeholders. Solutions may include a combination of conferences, training sessions, online learning, individualized mentoring or coaching.
  • Technology Curriculum Support: We can help design a learning experience and develop materials tailored to your technology education needs.
  • Web-based services for non-profits: The list of web-based services changes over time, so we recommend contacting us to find out what is available or can be available to help you meet your technology integration objectives. Services may include website development, email, online registrations and requests, fundraising platform, customer case-management system, geo-positioning of resources, online accounting, online backups of information, cloud based storage and office collaboration suites, among others.
  • Programming services will vary according to project specifications
  • Development of Internship Opportunities
  • Technology Transfer Assistance


Every year we celebrate a yearly call for nominations of organizations that could benefit from receiving a year of donated web-based services.
To read more about ImpulsoTec Incentives click here.

If you would like to nominate a nonprofit for consideration to this year's ImpulsoTec technology innovation grant, complete the nomination form here.

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in improving your technology infrastructure please fill out this request.

If you are a student interested in hands-on learning opportunities fill out this request.